Monday, October 20, 2014

Real estate agents state Hull is buzzing!
Real estate agents state Hull is buzzing!
The lettings marketplace across Hull and the East Riding is buoyant - with letting real estate agents reporting high amounts of uptake across the area.
Tony Cook, Director of Marlborough Estate Agency says the marketplace activity is especially powerful around west Hull and the west Hull villages "The last few months have been extremely active. Usually business slows down as individuals use the summer holidays to get a rest and disappear for a while, however this time period was much busier than usual.”
“We have also seen an increase in sales activity and plenty of people seem to be using property as a way of investing in their own future. This rise in supply of rental stock has meant more choice for tenants and much better value for them as competition between landlords increases.”
“There is a real feel-good buzz about Hull at the moment and it seems that more people want to move into the area, possibly because of the promise of more jobs to come.”
Kirstie Wallace-Hart, office supervisor at Chris Clubley in Brough, said rented properties are now being let "very rapidly.”
"We are finding that two, three and four-bedroom homes are flying out - we've let seven homes this thirty day period already". She said you will find those who are "new to the market", who're seeking to let out homes as an investment decision.
"Some people have not really been able to sell so they are letting for investment purposes," she said.
"With pensions being costly, they're letting out for an income later in life."
Melissa Rason, managing director of Riverside Property, said there was higher amounts of interest throughout the city.
The company, which specialises in apartments and houses for sale and to let around Hull's Victoria Dock, City Centre, Hull Marina.
"People are ready to purchase high-quality housing," she said.
"The greatest rent we achieved on a two-bed was £1,200 in the city centre - you are able to achieve good rental prices if you have high quality, furnished housing."

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