Monday, March 30, 2015

breast surgery before after
breast surgery before after
Celebrities get a plastic surgery are no longer a surprise, even Hollywood A-list stars like Angeline Jolie, who continue to deny getting one is still pestered by the media based on the work that she has done with her lip area and face.

This picture plastic surgery controversy is not something new; a lot of people are still speculating that she has done a lot of changes with her face.

According to the rumours, This picture plastic surgery before and after will include changes in her lip area, it is said that she has undergone lip injections including a chin and a nose job. It was even said that she also had some breast implants.

A lot of celebrity websites have posted their own take about the rumor, the body parts of This picture has been compared.

It was said that during the MTV’s Total Request Live in 2007, that her upper lip is almost non-existent, which is why some are claiming that she got a lip job when she came out in 2013 having a full looking upper lip.

A lot of people seem to believe that the top of lip area are fake, despite the fact that Audrina continues to deny it.

Her nose in addition has been speculated on, it is said that she has also done some nose job. In the year of 2007, her pictures seemed to contain a not so gorgeous looking nose, but a recent premiere party will reveal otherwise.

For 3 three years now she continues to battle some of the toughest plastic surgery rumours hurled at a celebrity, and she continues to deny it, find more before and after photos at

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