Thursday, April 2, 2015

Is Baby Botox going to be as good as a Standard Botox Treatment?
Is Baby Botox going to be as good as a Standard Botox Treatment?
If any of you are thinking that we're discussing therapy for newborns here then we should instead clarify this! There is, of course, a connection between botox and wrinkles in people's minds so hearing about baby botox can make you think that because newborns have wrinkles then it would be perfectly valid to treat them. Newborns need their wrinkles because they are blessed with plenty of extra epidermis so that they can grow quickly and start to smooth out without any assistance from botox. In baby botox treatment the use of the term baby is related to the size of the doses of botox that are used in comparison to a standard botox injection.

Looking back on the foundation with this treatment rumour has it that baby botox was requested first by the renowned film director Martin Scorsese who wanted his actresses and actors to look more natural with their expressions. The problem he had observed was that botox treatments were resulting in his leading film stars not being able to move the muscles of their faces in a natural way. Conveying emotions to audiences is what actors need to do using face muscles, particularly when film directors shoot lots of close- ups. The problem really starts to present when face muscles freeze up because of too much botox. Without the ability to display emotion properly on their own faces, actors can wave goodbye to any chance of winning an Oscar!

One solution might have been to ban botox from the studio totally, so why didn't Scorsese take this strategy? Perhaps it isn't so easy to put down the law with film stars who like to stay looking as young as possible? Many look older than they actually are because of lifestyles that make their bodies pay the penalty. Smoothing out damaged epidermis, especially on the forehead and round the eyes, is, of course, exactly what Botox is so good at.

The idea of the baby botox treatment, then, was to provide a more subtle approach to allow natural looking expressions, and this was done through smaller doses on a regular basis, since the effect of botox treatments isn't permanent anyway. It didn't take long for this concept to disperse around the world after it became hugely popular in Hollywood.

But it's not just the middle- aged and older who can benefit from baby botox treatment remedy and indeed there are many younger clients using this as a preventive method for keeping creases at bay for longer and maintain incomes that depend on ultra good looks. Of course, there are alternatives, such as make-up and the use of computer graphics to touch -up appearance, though these aren't possible for a real 24/7 active life. Noone likes to be caught on camera if they least anticipate it when their face looks in pretty bad shape!

So if you'd like to keep looking young, baby botox treatments can fool your sleeping companion as well as any day time audience! We can continue to fool the whole world for many years and be completely safe with such small doses. Why not check out our baby botox treatment centres and give us a call to reserve your first appointment if you live near Marylebone, Wimbledon or the North West area of London.

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