Thursday, April 9, 2015

Small Business Web Design Top 10 Elements
Small Business Web Design Top 10 Elements

Small business Web Design needs to include the below top 10 Elements:

  1. Style

  2. Litter-free

  3. Images

  4. Blog

  5. Content

  6. Seo

  7. Navigation

  8. Search

  9. Responsiveness

  10. Equalizer

Small business web design practices are losing their amateur style. It has become easy and affordable to have a website that incorporates attractive color strategies, company logos, and modern typeface. Customers expect a professional format and will be less likely to trust the content of a website that is holding onto nineties style.

Depart a little bit of white space, keep images to a minimum, and by all means get rid of advertisements. Your company website should not be an advertising channel for anything other than your company. Keep your page simple and easy on the eyes, especially for those who are on cellular phones.

Small business web design professionalsВ should no longer be using free clip art. There are a multitude of free or inexpensive professional images available through different sources. As an alternative, it has become easier for amateur photographers to take quality pictures, so consider using a few of your own. Images should add to the professional appearance of your web design.

Blogs equal clicks. It gives customers something to share and a reason to recommend you. Blogs are a place for you to interact with your community of online customers and friends. Display your expertise, customer service, and approachability with a company blog.

No more keyword stuffing it’s time to focus on quality content that clients want to read. Give advice applicable to your industry. Write about new product or service offerings. Comment on how current news affects your customers. Create content that speaks for by itself.

Quality content is what will drive Seo of the future. While keywords are important, awkwardly stuffing text with them is quickly becoming a strategy of the previous. Google is catching on to content managers’ methods and finding more ways to limit the value of Seo methods. The best way to show up on the first page of search engine results? Have a website that people want to visit.

Keep links to a minimum while ensuring that website users can easily find and navigate to the information that they are looking for. Your website should never have lifeless or broken links.

Include sturdy search capabilities on your website to ensure that no potential customer leaves in frustration when they cannot find something. Not only should your store be searchable, but your blog should be searchable by topic.

Does it take longer than 3 seconds for elements of your website to load? If so, you are losing readers.

A great website allows small business to compete with large businesses on a global level. Is your company ready?

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