Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Special Shop Style Bali Hotels

Special Shop Style Bali Hotels
The basic idea is to incorporate the conveniences of a first-class resort with the cultural richness of a Balinese private home. A Bali hotel experience of a various kind.

For many years this type of accommodation has increased greatly in popularity with travelers searching for something special and special.

The difference between big hotel chains and shop hotels is that they don't offer 100's of rooms but instead secluded luxury in small and intimate resorts.

A "home away from home" is a bit a stressed expression, but it describes rather precisely what you may find. A truly private space in a total various place, thousands of miles away from home. You already could find that easily in numerous Bali hotels that are always various than big city hotels and even more so in shop hotels.

All facilities are normally offered in these resorts to make you feel comfortable. Individual service with a personal touch makes all the difference, and a vacation home with an choice of things you don't want to miss like a sound system and satellite TV, a number of relaxing in- and outdoor areas for relaxation, and refreshingly various styled bathrooms definitely add to the components to make you enjoy your stay.

Some icing on the cake may be a private Jacuzzi, plunge or swimming pool. What would be life in the tropics without it.

A resort in Ubud was ahead of its time and has been copied by recently developed ones a several times since then. It's the Pita Maha, develop by a member of the Royal family of Ubud in Bali. The idea of a river view resort with medspa is taken from the Tjampuhan hotel and significantly fine-tuned through adding privacy by establishing a special luxury vacation home idea. More about this resort later.

On the ocean side it was Four Seasons in Jimbaran who first successfully introduced the private vacation homes idea within a hotel. Obviously they also went to Ubud to develop The Four Seasons Sayan. Neglecting the Ayung river it became too small for the demand already and new vacation homes have been added.

The leading resorts in this field try to accomplish a secluded setting of each vacation home, permitting undisturbed outdoor life with outdoor dining areas. So life within nature can be experienced in Bali style. Some of the vacation homes have outdoor bathrooms and private plunge pools also.

Numerous known Bali hotels and resorts are remodeling and revamping themselves to follow this trend. Alam Kul Kul in Legian added shop elements, The Villas in Seminyak are a fine example to completely develop this idea, all vacation homes have a private swimming pool and offer the privacy requested by clients.

In Jimbaran the Jimbaran Puri bali is a great beach side idea and need to be booked early. The negative side of Shop resorts is truly the restricted availability of rooms. It seems that because of the initially downplayed expectancy a few years back when the success of small high end resorts wasn't guaranteed, some of them are perhaps develop a bit too small.

Now the circumstance is very much various, travelers searching for that special place to spend a holiday, and are willing to pay for the extra luxury. The Ubud area is leading the way with resorts such as Kamandalu Resort, The Alila or the Natura Resort, one of the better and most convincing additions.

In the meanwhile we saw the opening of numerous new intimate small Bali hotels over the last few years, it seems a trend unbroken in spite of the decrease and recent recovery in the Bali tourism industry. Bali is once again the tropical dream place on a small island that currently draws in more individual travelers than mass group tours. Personally I am happy with this development and hope it will stay like this, as it supports space and harmony for a personal experience in a place that 'is made' to be experienced by doing this.

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