Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Wrinkle Fillers: it's so Easy to Lose Those Years

Wrinkle Fillers: it's so Easy to Lose Those Years
Here she was again browsing her favourite store the high Street and smiling at all the lovely colours and textures while really enjoying the new music that came over the shop's sound system. She wouldn't buy that style of music for herself but it suited her carefree mood. Maybe, she thought to herself, she would treat herself to one of the less exotic dresses to wear to a summer party she had been planning to show off her newly remodelled garden to her friends. She started to scan the racks of clothes more seriously this time and found, what she thought, was just the thing for the party.

At this moment she noticed a rather arty looking girl staring at her over the clothes rails. It took a few moments for her to realise that the arty individual was one of the young sales girls and wondered if the strange look was because she was suspected of being a shop-lifter. Happy shopper laughed to herself as she removed a few dresses from the rail and held them up to herself in the mirror. This drew a look of surprise from another salesgirl who she saw reflected in the mirror, hovering just behind her.

Now the shopper was puzzled. She turned to ask if she could try them on but the girl just looked stunned. After a moment of silent puzzlement the salesgirl asked 'Are you buying them for yourself?’ The woman answered 'Of course they are, I wouldn't be trying them on otherwise.’ But then she realised the expression on this girl's face was pity and looking around she saw embarrassment on other faces. Turning back to the rail and with as much dignity as she could muster, she replaced the dresses and walked briskly out of the store.

Later at home she examined her face in the mirror. She had not been particularly self- conscious before and had accepted the greying hair and dry skin as something to be dealt with as one aged. Now, she noticed more clearly the sagging skin and wrinkles that were definitely getting quite deep around her mouth and she was suddenly overcome by sadness.

Her old friend and neighbour appeared at that moment, at her window. She seldom rang the front door bell but tapped on the glass and came round the back. Now she caught her normally happy friend looking haggard and sorry for herself. 'What is the matter my dear, what has happened? ' the friend and neighbour asked. Over a cup of tea, the story of what had happened in town surfaced. The neighbour breathed a sigh of relief before explaining that all older folk have this experience at some point but pointed out that it is easily remedied.

The next time the happy shopper walked into her favourite store, the young sales girls had a very different attitude. There was no hanging back and scowling at the old lady trying to look young again. This time two of them were recommending colours, complimenting her on her good taste and after her purchase, wishing her well for her party.

Sated, she swung out into Oxford street with a renewed spring in her step. She silently blessed her friend for telling her about wrinkle fillers, a beauty treatment that is so easy and painless but takes years off of a person's age. Of course her neighbour also recommended her tried and trusted beauty clinic, so the happy shopper knew she would be safe and well cared for.

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