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Baby Art For Newborn Rooms and More
Baby Art For Newborn Rooms and More
When picking the interior decoration for your baby's nursery, there are thousands of designs and ideas to choose from. Chances are that you or your partner spent a long time 'nesting' before your baby arrived. You chose the furniture, you painted the walls and you picked out all the clothes. But what do you hang on the walls?

Fantastic Plastic is an excellent moldable plastic which can be sculpted into just about anything! It would be a great addition to an arts and crafts room! Available at

Depending on the media that you choose, you can expect to pay very different prices. A framed screen print could cost a very reasonable 15-35 pounds, prints usually cost more at 25-40 pounds and a genuine painting anything from 40-200 pounds and beyond.

Some of the most favored artwork is of animal images, some parents choosing one animal to focus on and repeating it around the room such as printed bed linens and curtains. Following on from this, a traditional theme is of Noah's Ark. Other nice ideas for artwork would be of nature scenes such as trees and the sun. Parents of boys may like to decorate with a transport, sports or farming theme, whereas parents of girls may like to decorate with fairies, flowers or pretty patterns.

A less used choice is a quilted wall hanging which when professionally made can retail at around 50 pounds. The scenes depicted in the hangings can be graphics of all sorts of things such as boats, pirates or animals. There are also some available which shows the ABC or a nursery rhyme which looks wonderful and contributes to the child's learning.

There is a growing trend for personalisation of photos and decoration, with a lot of online shops offering it as a service, often at an additional small cost. It is a lovely idea to display your baby's name in their room as they can grow to recognize it and you can also get used to reading it. A personalised painting can retail at roughly 40-60 pounds. Other alternatives for personalisation in the nursery can be on fabric bunting, on the bedding or on toys.

One of the best ideas for wall art must be of family pictures. With the conversion of film to digital cameras, fewer photographs are being printed and busy parents have less time to put together family photograph albums. Many digital printing agencies offer the service to have your images expanded, put onto canvas or framed. A standard rectangle 40X60 cm photo canvas could cost around 40 pounds but they often provide the option for smaller and larger sizes, square canvas and images spread across multiple canvases.

Finally, harking back to a very traditional era where wall hangings were handmade, there has been a regeneration of cross-stitch art. Kits are available with the cross-stitch base fabric and a pre-printed chart showing your chosen image or textual content and instructions, threads, needle and a clear picture of what the final design will look like. It is a challenge to create the image yourself but it means that you can create something personal to you and your baby that will be a keepsake for years to come.

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