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Aguacaliente Wild animals Haven For Bird Viewing Fans
Aguacaliente Wild animals Haven For Bird Viewing Fans
With the rich wildlife and landscapes of Belize country, it is not a surprise to find a good number of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks in it. One site that is popular among locals and tourists alike is the Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary. Located near Laguna Village, this is a protected area that is made up of a lagoon and wetland environment that ranges more than 6, 000 massive areas. The lagoon and nearby limestone hills are home to many bird species, animals and other wildlife. The lagoon is particularly a paradise for those who enjoy bird watching.

Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary Houses Many Wildlife

The hike to get to the lagoon takes about two hours, starting from the village. The trail starts in a field with towering cohune arms, passing beside milpas growing beans and ingrown toenail, and bridging several small creeks with the help of primitive log connections. A ranger station can be seen about half an hour into the hike. Other than an outhouse, there are no other amenities available here. Past the ranger station, the trail enters marsh and lowland vegetation. The trail is usually wet and colorless, and some parts pass through knee-high water.

Hike To the Aguacaliente Lagoon For just two Hours

It might be strenuous and dirty, but the hike will definitely be worth it. As you near the lagoon, you will see wildlife starting to increase. Fish and turtles are visible in the swamp and the nearby black creek, which the trail follows for a short way. Solitary egrets and herons hunt along the creeks edge, while flocks of ibis and wood stork roost on top of the Creekside vegetation. Kingfishers continuously clatter while darting above and diving into the water. The mangrove that encompases the lagoon is alive with flycatchers and warblers dining on the plentiful insect life.

The large area of open, fresh water, with limestone hills on the south and marshland forest on the other three sides attracts a wide range of wildlife. The area might be quiet, but it is teeming with life. Flocks of ibis busily feed on fish and invertebrates along the coast line of the lagoon; cormorants continually dive appearing with sprat in their bills; geese swim down the middle of the lagoon; wood stocks, egrets and herons sort in the shallows; while kingfishers rile the air above the water surface. The entire lagoon is alive with fish feeding and jumping, making the surface look like rainfall on water even when the sky is clear. Jabiru storks sometimes feed here as well.

Enjoy the Birds And These people own in In Aguacaliente Lagoon

You will have to get a local guide to visit the lagoon as the trail, particularly near the lagoon, sometimes disappears under water. The best time to wildlife watch are early days or late evenings. Watch your time, though, as you would not want to be in the marshland at dark. Water-skiing and canoeing will soon be accessible in the site. Check in Laguna Village or, if you are staying in an eco-resort Belize nearby, your Belize hotel concierge will update you for the most recent information. You would n't need to miss the opportunity to experience nature close up in the beautiful Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary.

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