Friday, March 20, 2015

Small Business Web Design Means Big Business
Small Business Web Design Means Big Business

How to play with big guns

One of the best things about the internet is that it allows small businesses to compete at a global level and this is why web design is now becoming imporatnt to small business owners. No person visiting your website needs to know if you are currently selling your product out of your garage. Customers are free to locate the best product at the best price, no matter of the size of the seller, as long as your website doesn't label you as small, prospective clients are likely to assume that you are large enough to compete.В 

A professional website is a must for competing against the big dogs in business. Internet users are savvy enough to know when they have arrived at a website that somebody threw together for free in their spare time. With a relatively small investment no matter of your web design knowledge, you can take your website – and your business – to the next level.


Your website color scheme and logos should coordinate with the rest of your company’s materials and signage. Invest in high quality images that ooze professionalism. Stay away from flashy colors that will only get readers’ attention in a negative way. If your company has a bright color scheme in your logo, keep those colors minimal on your website in favor of neutral, eye-friendly design.


Your website must excel in the basic elements that clients have come to expect: live links, strong searching, and intuitive interface. If prospective clients are confused or frustrated, they will take their business in other places.


Studies have shown that company websites with lively blogs receive exponentially more visitors than those that do not. Those blog readers translate to higher sales. This is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert in your industry through helpful content that your readers will be anxious to subscribe to and share through social media.


This is significantly important for your blog but should not be ignored for the rest of your site’s content possibly. You may be a 50ish, married man, but if your business caters to one women in the 30s, make sure that your content is geared toward them. If this is challenging for you or you simply do not have the talent or desire to write, hire an inexpensive freelance writer to customise your content.

Your web design strategy should ensure that everything about your site is geared toward the type of person who is your prospective customer. With high quality content, they will come again demanding more.

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